Florida Business Consulting CEO Eric Martin Travels the USA for Speaking Engagements

Florida Business Consulting Eric Martin

Florida Business Consulting CEO Eric Martin has established himself as a distinguished motivational public speaker within the sales and marketing industry. His recent invitation to speak in Dallas, TX, had him flying out of Miami on the October 15 for four days, starting by visiting the new Dallas office that opened 6 weeks ago and speaking at the Southwest Regional Leadership Conference on Saturday, October, 17.

Eric Martin will spoke to motivate current and future business owners of sales and marketing companies. He stated,

“It is an honor and very humbling to know that our work is being recognized from a completely different part of the country! The primary message we’ve been drilling in all these seminars is simple; always put your people first; never disrespect the basics; be extra-ordinary at the ordinary things; and constantly seek to improve and evolve your game. It’s incredible looking back at our journey through the years and how far we’ve come. Especially, like anything that challenges the status quo, there were many that didn’t believe our model or philosophy. I’m just excited to meet to expand our network across the country and continue to learn from others in order improve our business.“

The end of the month will include two conferences about business development and helping attendees to improve their leadership skills. At Florida Business Consulting, leadership skills is one of the things the firm prides themselves on. They believe much of their success has been built on those strong leadership foundations.

The second conference of the month will be in Miami, FL on October 24, 2015 and will be attended by few hundred sales and marketing professionals from across the United States. Bringing together a group of professionals in the sales and marketing industry creates tremendous networking opportunities. Attendees will get to meet and interact with other sales and marketing professionals in-person, offering a great environment to forge new networking links and to nurture and develop existing ones. Being able to put a face to a name for many of these acquainted business is key to building relationships that were previously formed.

The marketing experts believe that the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are constantly learning and staying ahead of the trend. “Knowledge is power and generally the person who knows the most is the most successful,” said Eric Martin.

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