Recent College Grads Find Large Range of Opportunities in Florida Job Market

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Florida Business Consulting in Miami, FL is ready to help recent grads jump-start their
careers by offering a number of opportunities to grow quickly in
marketing, sales, human resources, and business administration.

Florida Business Consulting offers recent graduates different options and
positions that closely fit their educational backgrounds. One of FBC’s
goals is to support recent graduates’ professional development.

FBC provides a rewarding first experience to those right out of school.
Rafa, Yana, and Michelle, three of Florida Business Consulting’s team members, review their career experiences so far at FBC.

Rafa graduated from Florida Southern College and his position with Florida Business Consulting was his third job. “It brought me a lot of experience in management and the opportunity for financial freedom,”said Rafa. He also added that he loved this
opportunity and felt like he was working with family and friends.

Yana studied at University of Miami. She was an international student from
Russia and has said that she really appreciates the improvement of her
communication skills while at FBC. She also learned how to maintain a great attitude and how to work well under pressure.

Michelle is still currently student at Florida International University.
She said it’s been a great challenge for herself to learn so many
important business skills from her first job, such as training, teaching,
and public speaking. She added that it has made her grow as a person and develop skills she never thought she would ever have.

Florida Business Consulting in Miami, Florida provides opportunities to grow in sales, marketing, customer service, management, and more. This is why students and recent graduates choose to do their internships or start their careers here.


Florida Business Consulting Contest Winner Travels to Denver

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One of the top representatives at Florida Business Consulting, Rafael Gonzales, recently won a contest organized by one of our clients, Comcast Business. His dedication and consistent hard work allowed him to travel for a week and visit an affiliate client office in Denver, Colorado.

As one of the top agents, Mr. Gonzales will be providing training and share his experience with the Denver office marketing and sales teams. His objectives for the week are to provide feedback and support to his teammates as well as encourage them to pursue long term goals in this booming industry. This trip is also the opportunity for him to learn about the strengths and practices of partner offices and teach them back to the Miami, Florida offices.

By sending its best agents on such business trips, Florida Business Consulting shares knowledge that helped them in becoming one of the top performing outsourced marketing firms countrywide and participates in the growth and expansion of the industry. Mr. Gonzales stated, “Being part of one of the leading offices in our industry is a great opportunity, and getting recognition for my hard work by being able to help others to become better at what we do is very gratifying.”

Florida Business Consulting CEO Eric Martin Travels the USA for Speaking Engagements

Florida Business Consulting Eric Martin

Florida Business Consulting CEO Eric Martin has established himself as a distinguished motivational public speaker within the sales and marketing industry. His recent invitation to speak in Dallas, TX, had him flying out of Miami on the October 15 for four days, starting by visiting the new Dallas office that opened 6 weeks ago and speaking at the Southwest Regional Leadership Conference on Saturday, October, 17.

Eric Martin will spoke to motivate current and future business owners of sales and marketing companies. He stated,

“It is an honor and very humbling to know that our work is being recognized from a completely different part of the country! The primary message we’ve been drilling in all these seminars is simple; always put your people first; never disrespect the basics; be extra-ordinary at the ordinary things; and constantly seek to improve and evolve your game. It’s incredible looking back at our journey through the years and how far we’ve come. Especially, like anything that challenges the status quo, there were many that didn’t believe our model or philosophy. I’m just excited to meet to expand our network across the country and continue to learn from others in order improve our business.“

The end of the month will include two conferences about business development and helping attendees to improve their leadership skills. At Florida Business Consulting, leadership skills is one of the things the firm prides themselves on. They believe much of their success has been built on those strong leadership foundations.

The second conference of the month will be in Miami, FL on October 24, 2015 and will be attended by few hundred sales and marketing professionals from across the United States. Bringing together a group of professionals in the sales and marketing industry creates tremendous networking opportunities. Attendees will get to meet and interact with other sales and marketing professionals in-person, offering a great environment to forge new networking links and to nurture and develop existing ones. Being able to put a face to a name for many of these acquainted business is key to building relationships that were previously formed.

The marketing experts believe that the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are constantly learning and staying ahead of the trend. “Knowledge is power and generally the person who knows the most is the most successful,” said Eric Martin.

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Florida Business Consulting Reviews Expansion in the South: Dallas and Atlanta

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Florida Business Consulting is proud to announce the Grand Opening of their newest branches in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA. Florida Business Consulting signed with a nonprofit client in Dallas and sent a team of 6 employees at the beginning of September to work directly with a nonprofit client on their marketing strategies. Florida Business Consulting is currently in the process of planting the foundations for the new office, and will be hiring at least another 20 employees in the month of October.

The Atlanta Branch will initially put most of their focus on a telecommunications client that happens to be an industry giant. Florida Business Consulting plans on opening this branch within the next 6 weeks and will be sending a promising 8-person team from the Miami Headquarters’ Sales Department to get the ball rolling.

Back in South Florida, Florida Business Consulting’s Customer Service Department is reconstructing a platform for a government client in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Florida Business Consulting estimates that the project will be fully revamped and in full swing before Thanksgiving.

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Florida Business Consulting Attends Annual National Sales Award Ceremony

Florida Business Consulting National Awards Ceremony

Florida Business Consulting attended the Annual National Sales Award Ceremony, which was held at The Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland on July 11th 2015. This year ceremony has been hosted by Comcast Business.

Florida Business Consulting traveled to Baltimore with 25 colleagues, which has been a great opportunity for them to be recognized for their hard work throughout the years. Several of Florida Business Consulting’s team members have been nominated to receive numerous awards including Consistency Manager of the Year, Top Sales Performance, Rising Star Award and Outstanding Achievement, in recognition of the perseverance, dedication and commitment in creating a high level of success for both, our clients and team members.

After the ceremony, selected executives attended networking sessions and the after parties with top executives all around the country, in which they have been able to discuss professional growth and expansion opportunities.

Florida Business Consulting Plans to Attend Annual United Kingdom Rally!

Florida Business Consulting

Florida Business Consulting is extremely excited to be attending the United Kingdom Rally which is being held on May 6th at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London. Florida Business Consulting has been invited to represent the Southeast Region of the United States at the event due to incredible business development and exceptional performance.

Florida Business Consulting will be attending the Awards Ceremony as special guests and will hence take part in honoring the achievements of the United Kingdom Regions which include England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland. Florida Business Consulting will be joining other United States delegates in a VIP boxed seating section.

Florida Business Consulting will be enjoying small conference sessions with international executives during which international expansion opportunities will be discussed. Florida Business Consulting will also enjoy networking with delegates from all over the world at the series of catered after-parties at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel.

Florida Business Consulting attendees will definitely enjoy visiting the London Bridge and get to ride on the London Eye Ferris Wheel just down the street from the hotel!

Client Flies Florida Business Consulting to New York City!

Florida Business Consulting NYC 1

Last week, a top account manager at Florida Business Consulting was flown to New York City to help a client train a customer service team on top performance and quality assurance. Florida Business Consulting was noted by the client as a “team that leads by example” and thus provided an all-expenses paid trip with just 24 hours´ notice. It was a true jet-setting experience for one of Florida Business Consulting´s team members.

Florida Business Consulting NYC 2Florida Business Consulting´s top account manager not only led and facilitated training sessions for more than 50 customer service account representatives; he wined and dined with the NYC based clientele and was able to acquire new upper management skills and learn from the best business executives in New York City.

If taking Florida Business Consulting to New York City was not enough, the client also brought our account manager to the Northeast Leaders´ Conference in Philadelphia during which he was able to network with other account managers and listen to Northeast Regional Speakers share knowledge about team management and client correspondence.

Florida Business Consulting is so happy to have such a leading team and congratulates our leading account manager on receiving such a well-deserved traveling opportunity!

Florida Business Consulting NYC 3

Florida Business Consulting Attends Managers´ International Summit Conference in Atlantic City!

Florida Business Consulting Atlantic City

This past weekend, Florida Business Consulting attended a conference at the beautiful Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The purpose of this conference was to network with and learn from current and potential clients, other managers from other regions, and top regional directors. In addition to learning, the managers enjoyed a little bit of casino and spa time to relax.

International delegates came from countries all over the world including the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Australia, Brazil, and South Africa. United States delegates came from Florida, California, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Washington D.C, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Florida Business Consulting truly took advantage of the networking opportunity and learned new skills and systems that we plan on utilizing here in our Miami branch.

Florida Business Consulting met with potential clients and is excited to announce that there are new contracts being worked out with them at this very moment! It was a wonderful weekend of traveling and FBC is excited to use what we learned to continue our team´s success.

Florida Business Consulting Atlantic City 2 Florida Business Consulting Atlantic City 3

Florida Business Consulting’s Managing Director Visits Orlando and Prepares for Conference

florida business consulting orlando

After the recent opening of the Orlando, FL branch, our Managing Director Eric Martin visited the office to look over its development. With just a few weeks into the expansion, the Orlando office is having great results with the telecommunications campaign they embarked on so the client decided to visit the office as well to observe on the progress made by the new manager.

Florida Business Consulting is very excited to attend the Southeast Leaders Meeting next Saturday, March 14th, 2015 and due to the success of last year’s event, it will be held once again at the Hyatt in Downtown Brickell.

The Leaders’ Meeting is a conference for mid level and senior level management position delegates and speakers from all over the country to come together to network and learn from each other.

“Staying humble” is one of the great mottos of Florida Business Consulting. The idea that we can learn from anyone no matter what position we are in has been a great part of our success.

The team at Florida Business Consulting is excited for the upcoming conference, ready to take in the knowledge that great minds have to offer.

Florida Business Consulting Signs New Client and Expands to Orlando

Florida Business Consulting Orlando

Florida Business Consulting is proud to announce the Grand Opening of their newest branch in Orlando, FL with a date of March 1st. Florida Business Consulting will be sending 10 employees to plant the foundations for the new office, and will be hiring at least another 20 employees upon arrival in Orlando. The Orlando branch will initially put most of their focus on a telecommunications client that happens to be an industry giant. Florida Business Consulting is extremely excited to not only tackle a new market, but to also have an “official” excuse to visit Disney World and Universal Studios.

Back in Miami, Florida Business Consulting has just signed a new client as well. The new campaign was piloted this week, proved to be a huge success, and has been given the official go-ahead to move forward. This is the first time Florida Business Consulting is doing work involving a governmental program. In the past, Florida Business Consulting has worked with big corporate moguls and world-renowned nonprofit organizations. Hence, adding governmental programs to the list of clientele is an extremely big milestone for the firm.

We are just one month into the New Year, and Florida Business Consulting is already dominating 2015. Great job, team!