Recent College Grads Find Large Range of Opportunities in Florida Job Market

recent grads jobs

Florida Business Consulting in Miami, FL is ready to help recent grads jump-start their
careers by offering a number of opportunities to grow quickly in
marketing, sales, human resources, and business administration.

Florida Business Consulting offers recent graduates different options and
positions that closely fit their educational backgrounds. One of FBC’s
goals is to support recent graduates’ professional development.

FBC provides a rewarding first experience to those right out of school.
Rafa, Yana, and Michelle, three of Florida Business Consulting’s team members, review their career experiences so far at FBC.

Rafa graduated from Florida Southern College and his position with Florida Business Consulting was his third job. “It brought me a lot of experience in management and the opportunity for financial freedom,”said Rafa. He also added that he loved this
opportunity and felt like he was working with family and friends.

Yana studied at University of Miami. She was an international student from
Russia and has said that she really appreciates the improvement of her
communication skills while at FBC. She also learned how to maintain a great attitude and how to work well under pressure.

Michelle is still currently student at Florida International University.
She said it’s been a great challenge for herself to learn so many
important business skills from her first job, such as training, teaching,
and public speaking. She added that it has made her grow as a person and develop skills she never thought she would ever have.

Florida Business Consulting in Miami, Florida provides opportunities to grow in sales, marketing, customer service, management, and more. This is why students and recent graduates choose to do their internships or start their careers here.


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