Florida Business Consulting Hosts Leaders’ Conference in Miami

Hyatt Miami

Florida Business Consulting is very excited for the 2nd Annual Fall Florida Leaders’ Conference at the Hyatt in Downtown Brickell this Saturday, October 18, 2014. Florida Business Consulting will be the one of four firms hosting the event and has been planning for the event for the past month. A total of 40 different companies will be represented on an international scale at the conference.

Florida Business Consulting reviews that there will be 10 speakers at the conference going over different business development tactics for professionals in entry level, midlevel, and senior level management. Topics will cover sales strategy, marketing platforms, customer service, nonprofit business development, management skills, human resources and compliance, recruiting, professionalism, business travel and expansion, and business growth projectiles. Florida Business Consulting is proud to state that the CEO will be one of the ten speakers discussing one of these topics.

Florida Business Consulting will welcome delegates and speakers from many different cities including New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Little Rock, Houston, Dallas, Toronto, and Jersey City. As the weather starts to cool down north of the Sunshine State, Florida Business Consulting anticipates that the traveling guests will be happy with the weather they come across in Miami.

After the Conference, Florida Business Consulting managers will be joining selected guests for a private luncheon at a surprise venue, which will be followed by an after party for all conference attendees at Blackbird Ordinary in Brickell. Florida Business Consulting certainly looks forward to the learning and networking opportunities the conference will bring this weekend.