Florida Business Consulting Nominated for 2015 Best Places to Work!

This past week, Florida Business Consulting received amazing news from the South Florida Business Journal. Florida Business Consulting is proud to announce that the company is nominated for the 2015 Best Places to Work Awards! Florida Business Consulting has proven itself to have an incredibly fun work environment with its celebratory corporate culture.

Every morning and every evening at Florida Business Consulting feels like a party. Upon entering the office, one would hear fun music playing with lots of well-dressed Florida Business Consulting employees running around multitasking with different teamwork activities, workshops, campaign meetings, and miscellaneous tasks. The energy is high and extremely positive.

So what comes next with the nomination process? South Florida Business Journal will be working with Quantum Workplaces and the Human Resources Departments of all nominated companies to administer Employee Engagement Evaluations to every employee. Through an anonymous scoring system, the companies with the best evaluations from their staff will be the official recipients of the 2015 Best Places to Work Awards.

The Florida Business Consulting team is extremely excited and honored to be a part of this great event hosted by the South Florida Business Journal and will surely represent the company well. This is a big accomplishment for the Human Resources Department at Florida Business Consulting as the team has worked so hard to make sure every staff member has the best opportunity possible.

Go Florida Business Consulting!


Florida Business Consulting: Charity Work in the Dominican Republic

This past summer, Florida Business Consulting was a part of a big charity project with a client in the Dominican Republic. Florida Business Consulting joined forces in the villages of Santo Domingo and Boca Chica putting forth big efforts in children’s education and extra curricular programming. The client was kind enough to document some footage of the great work Florida Business Consulting assisted in. Watch and enjoy!



Florida Business Consulting Signs With a New Client!

Florida Business Consulting Nonprofit

Florida Business Consulting in Miami, FL is proud to announce signing with a new nonprofit client! Florida Business Consulting specializes in sales, marketing, PR, customer service, and business development platforms for big international corporations as well as some world-renowned nonprofit organizations. Now, the growing firm has signed on for a new project to lead a marketing campaign on a brand new retail platform.

More and more nonprofit clientele are jumping on the Florida Business Consulting bandwagon and are excited to be working with such an all-star company due to the increased revenue and cost efficient methodology. This new nonprofit client in particular works on an international scale focusing on children living in extreme poverty. The client predicts that working with Florida Business Consulting will play a heavy hand in the funding for the final quarter of 2014.

Florida Business Consulting is excited to take the company’s proven successful strategies and transform them into a working retail platform. Florida Business Consulting will be marketing with target audiences and consumers in high volume retail shopping malls. Florida Business Consulting reviews the most current local marketing data and has concluded that when consumers think of retail shopping venues and malls, they associate high spending and tangible products. Florida Business Consulting predicts that by mixing this preconceived notion with a marketing platform for charities, the culture of spending money may lean towards a more socially conscious and more generous society.

Florida Business Consulting will be entering Phase I of the project with some market research at trendy venues including but not limited to Bayside Marketplace, Coco Walk, and Dadeland Mall. There is nothing better than developing business while making the world a better place!