Eric Martin, Managing Director of Florida Business Consulting, Attending Industry Promoting Owners’ Conference

Florida Business Consulting Eric Martin Chicago

Miami, FL — Eric Martin, Managing Director of Florida Business Consulting will be attending an Industry Promoting Owners’ Conference in Chicago from July 24th to July 26th, 2014 where business owners and organizational leaders will be soaking up new ideas, sharing business practices, and setting long-term goals for growth.

The conference will be focused primarily on discussing business vision of regional growth with strategies and tactics as well as professional skills for recruiting, coaching, public speaking, and finance. What intrigues listeners the most are the strategies to drive in more business opportunities to expand client portfolios since every participant is a viable candidate for the next organizational leader and regional consultant.

Florida Business Consulting is the first to set foot in the Florida market, now with four offices in Miami and one opening in Orlando in the next 8 weeks. The Orlando office will be running two different campaigns for four individual clients in an astonishingly short period time of sixteen months. With its premiere specialization and dedicated growing pace, Florida Business Consulting is the obvious choice for the leading role in expansion in the southeast region. The team is determined to build a vast footprint throughout Florida’s first and second tier cities by the end of this year.

“After attending an industry event, I always feel like I’m reborn with more new business cells growing in my bod. It’s like having my business excitement refill bottle, that’s why I am motivated, grateful, and committed to this company,” said Managing Director Eric Martin.

The professional conference will also yield a good amount of time for sightseeing and exploring Chicago. Plans are in the works for a Cubs game at Wrigleyville and much more!


Florida Business Consulting Managing Director Reviews Recent Award

FBC MD Eric Martin

Thanks to the incredible growth of Florida Business Consulting during this past year, Managing Director Eric Martin recently received several awards including Consistency Manager of the Year at the last annual USA sales awards ceremony in Philadelphia.

The staff of Florida Business Consulting recently interviewed Eric Martin in order for him to share his experience and feelings on business and success.

How many awards ceremonies have you attended?

EM: I had the opportunity to attend 4 conferences in total. The first one was last year at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia for the first USA Sales Awards. I attended two in the US as a contestant. I also attended two other ceremonies outside the US as a guest. The first was in Barcelona, Spain in December 2013 and then another one in London in January 2014.

How many awards did you win?

EM: I won 5 awards overall. Two “Outstanding Achievement Awards,” two “50/50 Club Awards,” and one for “Consistency Manager of the Year.”

What is your favorite part of attending those events?

EM: My favorite part has to be the networking with all of the driven, ambitious entrepreneurs in my industry. I love being able to listen to motivational speeches and stories of people who started from the bottom and are now very successful as well as share some of my experiences with others.

Who gave the best speech this year according to you?

EM: Rick Pitino. He is the former New York Knicks and Boston Celtics head coach and is the current head coach of the NCAA Champions at the University of Louisville.

He promoted his new book “One Day Contract” and he related his sports and basketball experience to the sales and marketing industry.

Florida Business Consulting Managing Director Eric Martin was really thankful to be invited to those events and praised his team for the honors he received. He’s looking forward to expanding and winning more awards for FBC at future conferences.