Florida Business Consulting Attending Florida Leaders’ Meeting

Today, Saturday, March 29th, business owners and their teams will be meeting at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Miami for a Cooperative Leaders’ Conference.

The main goal of this meeting is to give the attending business owners the opportunity to share their knowledge and learn from each other order to improve their own business strategy.

Speakers come from Florida Business Consulting and their partners’ offices from Miami, New York, and Boston.

From 9 am to 11:30 am, each manager will give a speech about a specific topic in which advice will be given to improve business practices and add value to the different agencies.
Grove Miami

Considering that Florida Business Consulting has international expansion planned for 2015, gaining knowledge about how business is run in the other markets would be very beneficial to the company.

After the conference, the attendees will enjoy the Brickell Art Festival Event during the afternoon, before gathering around 7 pm at Tavern in the Grove for a beer pong tournament.



Florida Business Consulting Travels to Dallas, Texas

Next week, Managing Director at Florida Business Consulting, Eric Martin, will be attending a conference in Dallas, Texas with another executive of the corporation. This conference is being organized for all the vendors in the Southern Region for one of FBC’s clients.

Eric Martin was invited to speak at the conference to an estimated audience of 500 people about his own experience and success. He will be speaking specifically about the success that he has achieved in growing the company from the ground up with the goal being to help other companies in attendance their growth cycles. Eric also plans to take advantage of this business trip for networking with his colleagues, as several of them will also be attending the conference.

The trip will also serve in reviewing how the other offices are managed. He aims to acquire and improve logistics in order to expand to Europe and South America. In 2015, the company’s main objective is to expand internationally.