Florida Business Consulting CEO Embarks on European Business Tour

Entrepreneur and owner of Florida Business Consulting, Eric Martin, embarked on his first European tour of 2013 on Saturday, December 7th. He visited 5 emerging business hubs throughout Europe over 8 days before ending his tour in Barcelona as a guest at the 2013 European Sales Awards.

The European Sales Awards took place at the Hotel Juan Carlos I in Barcelona, Spain. As he embarked on his very first European Tour of the year, Martin is said to be seeking a core network of contacts in various European markets. Strengthening his relationships is essential for the growth he has planned for his outsourced sales company, Florida Business Consulting, in 2014.

The tour departed from New York and includes stops in Lisbon, Katowice, Wroclaw, Krakow, Milan, and Barcelona.

Poland is of specific interest to Eric Martin due to its recent developments. Wroclaw has become the fastest developing city, attracting investors from all over the world. It has proved the weight of its strategic planning capabilities and has had a clear focus on developing its cultural and social potential, taking care of investors and working on its recognition in Europe.

Katowice is a symbol of the sustainable energy movement for the country, boasting a new office complex that could soon be rated the greenest in continental Europe.
“Poland is a location that over the past 12 months has become very interesting to me. The rapid development and ambition demonstrated is phenomenal and I am very excited to be connecting with start-up businesses in both Wroclaw and Katowice,” said Eric Martin.

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